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Why We Need Your Support
Like most Pennsylvania school districts, Northwestern Lehigh is under increasing demands on its finances. Recent legislative changes at the State and Federal level are constraining budgets while increasing educational requirements. This financial squeeze results in many worthwhile programs not being funded.

The Northwestern Lehigh Educational Foundation relies on the participation and generosity of Northwestern Lehigh Alumni, parents, district residents, businesses, and friends. Through a financial contribution, corporate sponsor, participation in NWLEF events, or by staying informed about the work of our organization, you help to sustain us and nurture the Northwestern Lehigh School District community.


What Your Donation Will Do
The Northwestern Lehigh Educational Foundation is working with the Northwestern Lehigh School District to identify worthwhile programs that need funding and support these programs with the contributions of its supporters. Targeted programs include Advanced Placement programs, Communications, Biotechnology, Computer, and Robotics.

The forces of technology and globalization continue to make the world a more complicated and competitive place. Today’s students need every advantage we can give them. By supporting these programs, we hope they will be prepared to thrive and prosper.

Help us, help students.