How We Help

Helping the students within Northwestern Lehigh School DistrictIn spite of its success, the Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation, like all others in the state and across the nation, is confronted by the ever-increasing challenge of funding public education. Escalating costs, expanding enrollment, and decreasing state aid must be offset by alternative sources of funding if the District is to maintain the extraordinary range and caliber of academic, extra-curricular, athletic and social opportunities which have been its standard.

There has never been a more critical time to support our schools. We must ensure that important initiatives and funding are maintained. Independent of the Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation, Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation that seeks to attract private resources to support a variety of educational programs that tax dollars do not cover. Through effective solicitation and distribution of funds, the Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation helps enable the District to continue to be the model of visionary social and educational leadership it has been since its inception.

The NWLEF believes that through our initiatives in providing grants, scholarships, professional development, and cultural arts support we can improve public education.

We Fund Grants
Through grants, the NWLEF provides financial resources to District teachers and administrators to ensure that innovative programs, initiatives, and projects can happen.

How We Do It
The Northwestern Lehigh Education Foundation is able to fund grants, cultural arts and professional development programs, and awards grants thanks to the generous support of donors and the participation of friends in our events. We need you to get involved!